Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness by Flutterworks

Usually One of the First Steps in Starting a New Business or Organization after Naming Your Company is Designing a Logo.   A Lot of Thought Goes into How Your Company will Look to Potential Clients and Customers, that is Brand Awareness.  At Flutterworks we get to Know Your Dream, Your Vision, and Your Company; We do this so we can Provide You the Best Experience to Help Jump Start Your Brand.  We Provide High Quality Logos, Video Marketing, Brochures, and much more.  Physical Items aren't the Only Way to Increase Your Brand, Reviews and Referrals Can Spread Your Business Very Fast and Give Your Company a Value Way of Creating Business. 
We Establish Plans and Operations to Collect More Reviews and Referrals Allowing You to Increase Your Base of Customers who can then in Turn Refer Even More People.  We Set-Up Email Systems to Accept and Convert Emails to Content Created Emails that Encourage Current Customers to Refer more Potential Clients.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Review Fluttershy


Customer Reviews are a Huge Part of Your Brand.  What Potential Customers Perceive of You and Your Company or Organization can Determine whether You Just Scrape by or Grow a Healthy Business or Organization.   Flutterworks Works Aggressively to Turn Customers into Reviews by Encouraging and Creating Incentives for Your Clients and Customers to Leave Reviews.  It is Proven that a Company or Business that has More Good Reviews has Better Chances to win that Customer's Business.    That Review now Becomes part of Your Brand and Expands Your Reach as that Customer will now Tell their Friends.  

  • Set-Up Accounts to Collect Reviews on Google +, Facebook, Angie List, Thumbtack, etc
  • Schema Mark-up all Reviews on Website so Google, Bing, Yahoo Index them
  • Respond to all Reviews even Negative ones to follow-up
  • Develop Programs to get reviews from All Customers
  • Develop Program to get reviews from Past Customers
  • Build Incentives for Staff and Customers to Leave Reviews

Logo Design

Logo Design Flutterworks


A Logo might be the Most Important Marketing Decision You Make for Your Company or Organization.  Logos in the Digital World have even a Greater Importance Across Websites, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Internet Searches.  Most Businesses and Organizations will need Several Different Logos to be used for Print Media, Websites, and many other uses.  We Take Your Idea and Deliver Multiple Logos that can be used for all Different Uses.

  • Design Full Color High Resolution Logos
  • Create Logos in PNG Transparent Forms
  • Design Logos for Different Service Areas
  • Vectored Logos that can be Edited and Changed Later
  • Responsive Logos for Social Media and Websites


Video Marketing

video-marketing Flutterworks


Youtube has become the Juggernaut in the On-line Video World.  However, it doesn't Stop with Youtube, as Websites have Become Larger and more Complex, Video has become a Staple on most Websites.  At Flutterworks we can Create Short Video Testimonials, Profiles, and Commercials to be used at Trade Shows, Websites, and most Definitely on Youtube.  Video Testimonials are a Great Way to Spread Your Brand across all Social Media Platforms and increase Your Brand Awareness.

  • Create Themed Video Commercials with Actors, Contact Information, and much more.
  • Create High Quality Video Testimonials to be put On Websites, Facebook, Youtube, etc
  • Create Links and Meta Tags for all Videos so they become Indexed and Searchable in Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Create Videos that can be Played at Trade Shows or Workshops.

Brochures and Business Cards

Brochures Flutterworks


Print Marketing Material is just as Important in Today;s World even with the Emergence of Digital Marketing.  High Quality Brochures, Business cards, Banners, Yard Signs, and more are Important Companions to Your Website and Social Media Brands.  Logos and Your Message, that is Uniform across all Platforms both Digital and Print Reinforce Your Brand.  Flutterworks will Create High Quality Brochures, Business Cards, Banners, and much more Aligning Your Vision and Message with that of Your Website.

  • High Resolution Brochures 2 Tier and 3 Tier Designs
  • High Resolution Business Cards in all Paper Quality Formats and Gloss Formats
  • Create High Quality Banners and Posters
  • Can Create Marketing Promo Items such as Mugs, Key rings, Shirts
  • Gift Card and Loyalty Card Designs
  • and so much more


Referrals Flutterworks


The Most Cost Effective way to Gain more Clients and Customers is by Using Your Own Customers and Clients.  Your Customers Word of Mouth can Bring in a Steady Flow of Leads and Potential Customers.  By Gaining Referrals You can Spread Your Brand and Save some Money in Marketing.  Flutterworks will Help You Create a Plan to Increase Referrals Through Incentives and Campaigns across all forms of Social Media.  Create Email Database of Active Customers to Increase Ability to Ask for Referrals.  Improve Email Collecting Ability by Company or Organization to Increase Datavbase.

  • Set-Up Plan to Gain More Referrals with Incentives and Target Marketing
  • Create E-mail Marketing Programs to Send Out Content Created Newsletters
  • Use Social Media to help Past Customers Spread the Word
  • Improve Ability of Organization and Business to Accept Email Addresses