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Social Media Marketing by Flutterworks

Social Media if Leveraged has the Possibility to Totally Transform Your Business or Organization.  We use Social Media Marketing to Leverage our Experience and Your Brand to Grow Your Business.  Integrating Social Media across all Platforms including Your Website allows You to Reach a Wide but Targeted Audience.  We Research Your Company and Your Target Customers and Develop a Plan for You to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business or Organization.
Our Dedication to You doesn't end with Developing a Plan.   We Start Your Social Media Plan by Building Profiles, Posting, and Joining Groups to Expand Your Reach.  Social Media Marketing is a 2 tier Program, the Short Game is to Quickly get Profiles Set-Up, Photos and Logos Uploaded, and Posting Schedules Set.  The Longer Game is to Continue to Increase Followers, Fans, Engagement and Leads by Following the Plan Developed.  If You Gain to Many New Leads, Fans, Followers all at Once Could Look Sketchy on some Social Media Platforms.

Programs Starting at $99 per month



facebook social media marketing flutterworks


Facebook is the Most Popular and Most Used Social Media Platform used Today.  From High School Students to Your Grandmother it Seems Everyone uses Facebook to Keep in Touch with each other.  With the Possibility to Reach Thousands of Potential Customers, the Link to Businesses became a Natural Fit.  Now Here is Where Facebook is Different from Most Other Social Media Platforms, People on Facebook our Looking for Content and Entertainment not some Ads that are Constantly Selling things.  We Drive Customer Engagement through Multiple Aspects like Articles, Humor, and Contests to drive Engagement.

  1. Increase Customer Engagement through Blog Articles, and Original Content
  2. Increase Followers and Likes through Direct Targeting
  3. Increase Social Media Brand Awareness
  4. Increase Integration Across All Platforms including Your Website

Google +

google plus social media marketing flutterworks


Google + is one of the Fastest Growing Social Media Platforms.  Like Google's other Properties, Google +,  is Intertwined with all of Google's Platforms including Google Maps, Google Mail,  and Google Search.  Google + can be used to Post Articles and much like Facebook can be used to Keep up with People and Groups.  The Big Difference is that by Posting Articles or Blogs that Google Finds Relevant will Allow Your Business's Articles and Blogs to Show up on the First Page of Searches for that Topic.  We Increase Engagement by Posting Relevant Articles and Posts Driving Name Recognition for Your Google + and Search Results.

  • Set-Up and Fill Out Complete Google + Account
  • Post Articles and Posts to Increase Engagement
  • Increase Google + Followers
  • Join and Post in Google + Groups
  • Measure Performance with Google Tools


twitter social media marketing flutterworks


Need to Say Something Fast and in 140 Characters, Twitter is Your Source.  Twitter is a Great Way to Keep up on Your Friends in Real Time.  In Fact Twitter is Probably the Closest You Can Get to Talking to Actual Celebrities as Many Will Respond to You.  Twitter can be a Great Way to Connect to Potential Customers but it can be a Challenge Trying to Find a Consistent Way to Accomplish this.  Twitter is Quick Social Media Platform, Unlike Facebook People aren't on it to Catch Up but to Keep up with Current Events and News.  Twitter Works Best when Partnered with other Social Media Platforms such as linking it with Linkedin and Facebook.

  • Integrate with Other Social Media Platforms
  • Give Snapshots of Upcoming Announcements or Promotions
  • Increase Engagement on Surveys
  • Increase and Use Questions to Engage Your Customers
  • Increase Followers by Connecting to Similar Fields



linkedin social media marketing flutterworks


Linkedin is the Professional Platform of Social Media, where Facebook is the more Personal Platform.  Linkedin has a Seriousness about it that can Help Your Business or Organization get an Immediate Boost in Reputation.  However, Your Communication on Linkedin can not be the same as Google + and Facebook.  Linkedin is Full of Like Minded Business Professionals many from Small Businesses doing the Same thing You are doing.  Increasing Your Followers and Contacts is Key as Gaining a Couple Followers can Open Your Door to Hundreds or more Potential Clients or Customers.  What sets Linkedin apart from the Rest is the Importance of the Networking Groups that can Lead to Non-stop Leads for the Service Industry and Lay the Groundwork for Business in the Future.

  • Create Content in Networking Groups
  • Increase Participation in Networking Groups
  • Increase Linkedin Followers and Connections
  • Post Articles and Posts to Increase Customer Engagement


Social Media

All Social Media Marketing Flutterworks


There are Dozens of Different Social Media Platforms and Flutterworks Works with them All.  Some Platforms are more Important to Different Professions than others.  Instagram is a Necessity for Photographers, Wedding Planners, and Landscapers, but not as Useful to Plumbers, Electricians, and Medical Offices.  So we look at Your Business and Your Target Customers or Clients, using this Information we Develop a Plan to Leverage Your Message on those Social Media Platforms that Make Sense for Your Business.

  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Flickr
  • and much more